Imagine that it’s game day, there are a lot of folks over getting loud and excited in the living room. Defense pulls off an amazing play and scores, breaking the tie that was looming over the last quarter. Everyone jumps up and cheers!…and someone accidentally kicks over some cups and punch, chips and dip. End of the world? Not quite.

Stains come around from all types of activity. They almost seem inevitable at any point when a liquid is kept above a carpet, but if you use a quick response and some know-how, their appearance can be kept to a minimum and even cleaned up entirely.

First, make sure to clean up all the liquid you can. If it’s something like coffee or juice, blot at it with a clean, white cloth, like a dish towel. Don’t rub at it, that only grains it deeper into the carpet fibers. If it is more like a spilled dip or pudding, try and pick up as much as possible into a container with a spoon or a scraper. When you have it picked up, blot at the spill with some water and another clean towel, being sure to rinse the towel off before putting it back on the spot. Focus on covering the outside working in; if you work from the center, you can risk spreading the edges of the spill further out.

If using a chemical cleaner such as the ones provided by Star Services, be sure to use the one best suited to the type of spill. If you have a cleaner for cleaning out pet spots, don’t use it on cleaning up red wine; it might somewhat get the job done, but it won’t achieve the best results you can get. On the topic of cleaners, if you use them, use according to the instructions provided. If it says to step back and spray, step back and spray, if it says use gloves, then use gloves. The instructions are there for a reason; not only do they help you use the product the best way possible, but they also can help keep you safe in the process.

Keeping these in mind will help out greatly in not only making stains less noticeable, but also help reduce the likelihood of them permanently staining your carpers. And a final tip is when you are getting your carpets professionally cleaned, point out the stains so they can be taken care of by the experts such as Star Services.. Call us today at ( 435) 705-1035!