What to Expect when you Hire Chem-Dry of St. George

When you hire ChemDry of St. George you can count on us showing up on time and in a well-marked professional looking vehicle. When you open your door, the technician(s) will be: in uniform, well groomed, well trained, background checked, drug free, English speaking, and with a friendly and professional attitude.

Once we are in your home or business we will do a pre-cleaning walk-through to: clarify exactly what you want done, confirm the price (no hidden charges or bait and switch), and answer any questions before beginning the carpet cleaning process.

Our Hot Carbonating Extraction System. (HCE)

Summary of steps:

  1. Pre-vacuum all areas with a commercial grade quality vacuum which will remove debris, animal/human hair, and particulate soils.
  2. Pre-treat all areas as needed prior to actual cleaning. This dissolves remaining soils and stains and prepares them for removal.
  3. Our co-applied carpet protectant is added to the cleaning solution at this time, unless you choose not to use it. The benefits typically far outweigh the cost, but there are circumstances when it may make more sense not to spend the additional money. Go to the tab on “Carpet Protectant Facts” for details.
  4. Apply our hot carbonating solution and simultaneously extract soils, stains, and excess moisture. This function is accomplished with our proprietary Powerhead equipment which has five rotating heads underneath a floor machine. Solution is applied under low pressure and recovery suction is maximized with our patented amplified technology. All extracted materials and moisture are carried through a vacuum hose and out to the van waste tank.
  5. The final step is to groom the carpet for inspection, appearance, and improved dry time.

Summary of Benefits:

  1. Cleans even better – consistently superior results compared to other methods, even our own Legacy System
  2. Dries quicker – average dry time is usually 1-3 hours compared to1-2 days
  3. Safer for all – baby, pet, and environment safe
  4. Stays cleaner longer – besides a better cleaning there is nothing left behind to promote re-soiling
  5. Minimized Inconvenience –
    • Furniture can be left in place during cleaning if you choose without risk of damage or problems.
    • Moved furniture can be put back in place immediately or much sooner than with other methods
    • Can return to normal life and routine much sooner because of short dry time and shorter clean time
  6. Extends life of carpeting – regular and proper cleaning can ad years of useable life to your carpeting
  7. Save you money – (see point #6)   Carpeting is very expensive to replace and it makes sense to spend a little once or twice a year (EPA recommendation is to professionally clean carpeting every six months) to prevent spending thousands long before necessary.
  8. Peace of mind – comforting to know you have made a good decision for your home, family and wallet all at the same time

After cleaning is completed, we ask you to inspect the results and then make payment if, and only if, you are completely satisfied.

Bottom Line: When all is said and done, you can expect to be so satisfied that you will gladly use us again, and confidently refer us to others you care about.