Most people are confused and skeptical about paying additional money to have their carpets applied with some kind or “carpet protection” at the time of cleaning. This confusion and skepticism is well founded, but can easily be resolved if you know the facts.


There are basically two categories of protectants:

  • Protects against general soils and staining, with no protection against dyes (ie., red drinks, wine, coffee, inks, bile, mustard, , etc) – contains no acid dye blockers
  • Protects against general soils and staining, plus contains acid dye blockers for enhanced protection against anything that contains natural or synthetic dyes

There are two ways that protectants can be applied

Post application is when it is sprayed on after the cleaning. Sometime they may take an additional step and try to brush the product into the carpet after they spray.   This is the most common method of application and has obvious drawbacks.

  • Difficult to apply evenly to all areas
  • Usually does not get down to the base of the fibers for complete protection
  • Creates additional moisture in your carpeting which increases dry time and all the negatives that come with a wetter carpet

Co-application is when the product is mixed directly into the cleaning solution and is applied during the cleaning process.  This is far superior, but most companies do not have the ability to offer this option.   It is very difficult to have a protectant that is compatible with a cleaning solution where they both will do their job correctly when mixed.   Benefits are:

  • Evenly applied to all areas.
  • Worked into the fibers all the way to the base for complete coverage and maximum protection.
  • No additional moisture is left behind, resulting in a much shorter dry time.


Chem-Dry is able to offer the best of both worlds.  Our patented protectant does contain dye blockers and is specifically designed to be co-applied with our patented cleaning solutions.  This combination allows us to give the same kind of protection you get when you buy the best soil and stain resistant carpeting directly from the factory.

A good protectant applied properly will give you the following benefits:

  • Future soiling and staining will clean up far more easily and effectively.
  • Extend time between cleanings.
  • Reduce or prevent permanent staining and soiling.
  • Extend the life of your carpeting.
  • Save you money over time – less cleaning costs and avoid early replacement costs.