“As a Father of seven young children and having worked for one of the largest carpet cleaning companies in Las Vegas, I have always been a little hesitant to have a company work on my carpets that did not use steam cleaning. I just didn’t think any other process would be able to get our carpets really clean. The first thing I noticed after Wade cleaned our carpets is that they were almost completely dry by the time he left. I was also surprised that he was able to remove the red paint that my daughter had spilled months earlier. Most impressive to me was how long our carpets have remained clean. With other companies who had cleaned for us, the carpets looked great for a couple of days, then looked only a little better than before they had come. Our carpets looked freshly cleaned for weeks after Wade worked his magic! I would highly recommend Wade Chalfant with Chem-Dry of St. George to anyone who wants the job done right!”

Joe Winkle

“We had Wade clean our carpets, he was one time, very pleasant and was knowledgeable with his profession. We are very pleased with the work that he did for us, we had one room that had many spots on the carpet, I can say now that it is spot free. I would definitely have him come again.”

Ron and Pauline

“I had Chem-Dry of St. George over to clean my carpets recently, and I have to say, I was nervous because the person they would have to impress was not me, but my wife. She doesn’t like to have people over at the house, and especially did not want to deal with a wet mess for hours in our house after they left. It turned out that they were in, had the house clean, and the carpet completely back to normal within 3 to 4 hours, and we hardly knew they had been there. We would not have noticed anything, in fact, had the carpets not looked so amazingly different from before. Thanks Chem-Dry of St. George! You did a great job!”

Ronnie LeBaron

“Wade was fast, effective and on time. It was refreshing to have the carpets dry in a 4 hour period without having to put fans on. The process they use doesn’t require soaking your carpets full of water that they have to try to extract, making my experience with Chem-Dry of St. George the best I have ever had with a carpet cleaner! Oh and the carpets still look great, no premature re-soiling from the cleaning products either!” 

Devin Choules

“I recently had Wade, with Chem-Dry of St. George come into my home to clean my carpets. I was very impressed with the job he did. He let my 3 year old son watch him work and was super kind. Our carpets look fantastic and I know he gave us a GREAT price! We will keep using Chem-Dry of St. George for all of our carpet and upholstery cleaning.”


“We moved into a new house in Sun River in September of 2010, Barbara chose a light carpet not realizing that we were in a new climate where there was a lot of dust and dirt. We had moved from the Oregon coast. The carpet became very dirty quickly because of new homes being built all around us and we have a Golden Retriever which sheds lots of hair. When we called Wade to clean our carpet we worried that we had waited too long.  After Wade was finished cleaning the carpet they looked brand new. We highly recommend Chem-Dry of St. George.“

Bill and Barbara Hubbard

“My name is Duane Rees and I met Wade Chalfant about 2 years ago. He moved into the home next door to my wife and I here in St. George. I was immediately impressed with his politeness, ambition, and hard work ethic. We became great friends almost instantly. A short time passed when I noticed that he had started a small business cleaning carpets. My wife and I own many rental units in the area, so we asked him to clean several of them during a space of about 6 months. He has always been reasonably prices and does an excellent job. We could not be happier that Wade came along at the right time. I would recommend Wade and Chem-Dry of St. George to anyone if you want a good service for a good price.”

Duane Rees

“Thank you to Wade and Chem-Dry of St. George for their thorough yet quick cleaning of our carpets. With kids, a dog, and well…life that gets into the carpets it was great to know that Chem-Dry of St. George can come in, clean the carpets and be out as if nothing happened in just a matter of about 2 hours. There was very little dry time, and the carpets look fantastic. I would of course recommend them to anyone who needs “Life” cleaned out of their carpets too.”

Adam Rue