You may have had something like this happen to you- your grandmother, mother, friend, or loved one gives you a lovely sofa to use for your first place. The sofa had the softest cushions and a very beautiful color; all in all, it was the perfect piece of furniture for a person like you living in your first place. Regardless of how nice it looked, it was old and worn. The upholstery on it was dirty, it stuck up in some places, and there was a weird smell to it that you would notice every now and again. These things tend to stick with you whenever you think back on your first place and first sofa, (regardless of how thankful one may be for the old piece of furniture), fast forward to when you can purchase your own new sofa and the question probably pops up of – how does one keep up the condition of their own couches and upholstery?

There are methods some might be more familiar with, the picture of a living room filled with pristine furniture, neat and clean in all respects, and quite attractive, if it weren’t for the plastic coverings tightly draped over them. Maybe that was the best way back then, but nowadays, you can actually have both clean, beautiful furniture and be able to use it.

When dealing with upholstery, the best you will be able to do for your furniture is prevention, making preparations for dealing with spills and stains when they appear. Apart from vacuuming the upholstery, you will want to apply a protector. ChemDry of St. George provides an excellent protector you can apply to the furniture to help protect it from any moisture based stains. That, though, it really the most that can be done on your end; if you are in a situation where you want to clean your upholstery, it is best to leave it up to the professionals.

This really is one of those cases where it would be a hassle to clean it on your own. Upholstery can stain and warp easily, so you should stay careful around them. It really is best to let an experienced professional deal with cleaning them. Call ChemDry of St. George today for a free estimate or demonstration on how we can keep your upholstery looking good! ( 435) 705-1035