Pets can be some of the most faithful companions for a family, whether it just be the two of you or with a houseful of people as well. Even with how lovable they are, there are accidents, and there are times that make you wonder if they meant it. I am talking about when your lovable Shitzu- Spot leaves a little spot for you on your carpet.

Pet stains from urine especially can leave pungent odors that if not taken care of quickly and effectively can leave your home smelling bad. The stains can also be unsightly to have around, like any other stain. This means, however, that they can be treated similarly as other ordinary stains and can be cleaned up.

Like other stains, the quicker you get to it and start cleaning, the better. Using same techniques you would use to clean other household stains- for example,  if it is a solid waste, clean that up first, and if it is liquid, blot at it with a clean cloth to pick up as much of the urine as possible. From here, you have several options for trying to clean it. Getting a commercial stain cleaner such as the one provided by ChemDry of St. George is the best option available. Designed to remove pet stains, it will clean the stain the most, provided you follow the directions provided.

If you don’t have cleaner handy, the next best thing to do is to begin blotting at it with water and a clean cloth, working from the outside in. You can then apply baking soda by spreading it generously in and gently patting it with another clean cloth. Let it dry and then vacuum over the stain. This will help neutralize the odor and lessen the appearance of the stain.

There are also a few methods using household liquids which require applying them, letting them soak, and then rinsing them clean. These mostly work to clean up the odors that are present. For this you can use undiluted rubbing alcohol, heavily diluted white vinegar, or a diluted ammonia solution, ammonia glass cleaners will do the trick.

These are only initial responses, however. If you want to fully remove the smell and stain, have your carpet professionally cleaned by ChemDry of St. George. Call us today at 435-705-1035